How to register?

  1. Please read the rules first! (on page)
  2. Fill in your personal data at the Upload menu
  3. Upload a copy of your identity card by choosing “1. Identity Card” at the Category *
  4. Tick the box (I have read and accept Official contest rules) and (reCAPTCHA). This is to make sure that you have already read the rules.
  5. Click Submit Photo
  6. Congratulations you are now registered to our system! please check your email to receive your login details and password.
  7. You are good to go! Now you can start uploading your best photo with the narration.

How to edit/delete photos?

  1. You can simply edit/delete photos by accessing Edit Image menu
  2. You can edit the title, category, or even the description of your photo easily. When you are done, don't forget to click edit.
  3. Click delete if you want to delete your photo


  1. Q: How can I register? I am confused. A: The registration process is accompanied with the upload of your identity card in the upload menu section. Please read again on How to register?
  2. Q: I did not receive any Email after I submitted my registration form? What to do? A: Please wait a couple more minutes or check your SPAM folder. This process may take time. If you still have not received any confirmation or login details, please report to us (