Contrary to opinion in Indonesian society, Indonesia is quite popular in the eyes of the world, especially Indonesian tourism. The ever so famous Bali Island, Orang Utan in the rain forest of Borneo, to the magic of Borobudur.

But, unfortunately, Indonesia is not a paradise in which there is only beauty. Indonesia still has many social problems that need to be overcome. As part of our mission to bridge the gap between German society and Indonesian culture, we, Indonesian Student Association in Karlsruhe, intend to bring attention to these issues through our cultural event, Khatulistiwa: Dualismus.

Khatulistiwa will be held as a photo exhibition that raise awareness regarding social issues surrounding Indonesian societies. This event is expected to be able to introduce various sides of social background in Indonesia to the German community.

Hopefully with the success of this event, the visitor's curiosity about Indonesia will be evoked and turned into concern and support for social issues in Indonesia.
Warm regards,
Chairman of PPI Karlsruhe 2017-2018

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A. Tolerance among Religions

 Religion among other things, defines how people interact with each other. Either as a dictation which limit someone’s way of life or as an enrichment to the diversity of “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”. But one cannot argue that it serves as a principal that lies deep within the soul of Indonesia.

B. Indonesian Youth

Like most of developing countries, young people account for almost a third of Indonesian’s population. They are the agents of change and the ones who shape the nations’s future. Still the gap between the poor and the rich, also the geographic situation cause significant differences in education and opportunities.

C. A place to live

 When a house is called a home, or just simply a place to live. We have our own definition, for some it may be the perfect sanctuary, for others it doesn’t quite paint a beautiful picture, but good enough to serve the purpose. Nonetheless it’s where we long to return to, a place that defines who we are.
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Read The Rules

1. Topics :

I. Tolerance Among Religions

II. Indonesian Youth

III. A Place to Live

Photographs have to be submitted in set of two (2) for each topic, showing contrast within the topics. (Example of the photograph can be seen above)

2. Location : Indonesia

3. This competition is open to all amateur photographers living in Indonesia and/or all Indonesian citizen.

4. Registration form and technical information can be downloaded from

5. Entries must authentically stem out of the participant´s work.

6. Only unpublished photographs will be accepted.

7. Participants hold all the responsibilities regarding contents of the photographs.

I. The entry does not contain or infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, or any other intellectual property rights of any third person or entity.

II. Each contestant agrees to fully compensate PPI Karlsruhe in respect to all royalties, fees, and any other monies owing to any person by reason of the contestant breaking any of the foregoing (Point 7.I).

8. PPI Karlsruhe receives the right, in its discretion, to publish the submitted photos including the photographer’s credit line and to use as a promotion material for the future events.

9. Participants retain ownership and all other rights to future use of their photographs.

10. Any violation of the rules leads to disqualification! There is zero tolerance to contents provoking infringement, threat, mislead, abuse, harassment, slander, scandal and pornography.

11. The decisions of PPI Karlsruhe are final and non- negotiable.

1. Participants can choose one or more of the topics regarding the content of the photograph.

2. The Participants have to include photo descriptions (max. : 150 words) preferably in English, or Bahasa Indonesia. The description will later be translated in German by our committee.

3. The minimum resolution of the submitted image is 250 dpi with JPG/JPEG format and the photo will be printed in A3 size. 

4. Pictures must not show the name of the photographer or any other information (these details can be included in the metadata of the pictures but must not be visible on the picture itself).

5. All the photographs to this competition must be uploaded to :

6. The registration time will be opened from Monday 18th June 2018 00:00 GMT+7 to Friday 15th September 2018 23:59 GMT+7 (WIB). No entry arriving after the deadline will be accepted. Selected photographs and winners will be notified by e-mail.

7. The 45 selected sets of photographs (15 from each category) will be exhibited in Karlsruhe from Saturday 13th October 2018 to Saturday 27th October 2018 at IBZ (Internationales Begegnungszentrum) Karlsruhe, Germany.

8. Out of the selected photos, three (3) sets of images will be chosen as winners (one set from each theme).

9. The winners will be announced on Saturday 27th October 2018. The prize will be sent within two weeks after the announcement, any technical matters regarding prize delivery will be notified in due course.


Certificate and 200€ will be awarded for the winner from each topic and each of the 45 winning entrants will receive a certificate.

POSTER.pdf            (Rules & Technical Information Summary)
How to.pdf              (Step By Step How to register, upload, edit, delete photo)

Submitted Photos

Here are the selected photographs!

Congratulation to the Winners!