Sportfest Karlsruhe 2017 Trailer: Ode to my Mates

Oleh Admin, PPIKA
March 11, 2017 5:45 pm

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Ode to my mates

Sprinting down the sweaty path
After the point you just scored, you can’t help
but laugh
As the crowd goes wild, the smile of yours is
the size of mile

The hits are high and the errors are low,
All you want to do is just go, go, go
We pray our team will never fall.

This magical bond between my mates,
this feeling has never felt so great.
The memories we made, we all embrace.
As the years go on, we can all retrace.
See you and your mates at Sportfest Karlsruhe 2017
Dysa (+49152 21695452),
*Batas pendaftaran 15 April 2017!
**So please.. don’t miss it guys! #sfka17

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